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Geoff morgan

Geoff Morgan is an experienced driving instructor with many years of experience in the industry. He has three years as a licence testing officer based in Nelson and many more as a professional driving instructor. Geoff also has a background in the Road Transport industry through his family. He holds classes 1,2,3,4,5,6, Licences as well as an “I”, “P” and “O” endorsement. Geoff also has a degree in Teaching and has taught in the secondary school system.


How I Can

Help You

How I Can

Help You

If you hold a learner licence, Geoff will give you the tools and knowledge to be a competent, careful driver, and ability to pass the restricted licence test to a very high standard. His knowledge of the road code and the requirements will give you excellent driving skills for life.   No Matter what your current level is, Geoff will build on this. For Pre-licence assessments you will be provided with written feedback of areas to develop. Geoff offers both Manual and Automatic transmission tuition.*

Learner to restricted licence Lessons

60 Minutes | $90.00

*Gift vouchers are available. Bulk lesson discount available (5 or More)

Geoff will evaluate your current driving and give feedback on areas you need to improve on to pass your test and make you a more confident driver. He will also teach you the verbal hazard and response requirement for the full licence test.  He will also provide written feedback on the lesson and hazard Identification.*

restricted to full licence Lessons

60 Minutes | $90.00

*Gift vouchers are available. Bulk lesson discount available (5 or More)

Geoff can provide driver evaluations for all classes and types of vehicles including cars, vans, 4X4s, trucks and passenger service vehicles.  This evaluation includes a written report stating exactly were the driver is at and their suitability for driving the vehicle in question. 

Driver evaluations

60 Minutes | $180.00 plus report

If you don’t have anyone to drive with between lessons Geoff provides a mentoring service. This is not a teaching environment just a service where he has volunteers who hold the required licence to be a supervisor while you practice driving.  If you are using my vehicles there is a small cost to this to cover fuel, insurance etc.

No Longer Available



Geoff doesn’t mince words. He is totally honest in his comments and expectations when I am driving. I know what I do well and what I need to improve on to pass my licence test.

Client Testimonials


Wow I passed my test first time and got one hundred percent correct.  Thanks Geoff for the comprehensive teaching that you gave me. I learnt so much and so did my mum and dad.


I did a couple of driving lessons with another instructor previously. They just told me I was doing well. You gave me very thorough instruction in areas I needed to work on and reaffirmed all that I was doing well. You made me feel very relaxed which helped me learn.

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